Familiar Faces

There is no doubt that the FNF community is bringing lots of familiar faces to the Friday Night Funkin’ universe. Whether it’s a character from a cartoon or your favorite movie, there is a chance that somebody already made a mod about it. Even if they haven’t, you can create your own FNF mod featuring them. See if your favorite characters are already featured in FNF?

  • Rick and Morty Mod

    Rick and Morty Mod

    Without a doubt, Rick and Morty is one of the biggest TV shows out there that everybody loves. It was…

  • squid game mod

    Squid Game Mod

    It’s next to impossible not to hear about the vastly popular Netflix show, Squid Game. Ever since it was released,…

  • Greg Heffley Mod

    Greg Heffley Mod

    With animated cutscenes and a quite interesting story, Greg Heffley mod is one of the few out there that drives…

  • vs Stickman Mod

    vs Stickman Mod

    The Stickman world might be all black and white with the sketches, but in Friday Night Funkin universe, things are…

  • Advent Neon Mod

    Advent Neon Mod

    Friday Night Funkin’s Advent Neon mod is the continuation of the original story where you’ll try to convince Daddy Dearest…

  • vs Accelarant Hank

    vs Accelarant Hank

    Accelerant Hank is a dangerous character in the Friday Night Funkin universe that made his debut in an impactful way.…

  • Dusttale Mod

    Dusttale Mod

    With a great marketing team behind the mod saying that all you need is a working PC, Dusttale mod FNF…

  • vs shaggy mod fnf

    vs Shaggy Mod

    Shaggy mod FNF is one of the most prevalent mods out there with a massive following. If you’re looking to…

  • trollface mod fnf test

    Trollface Mod

    Do you like memes and Friday Night Funkin at the same time? Trollface mod FNF is the one you’re looking…

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