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With a great marketing team behind the mod saying that all you need is a working PC, Dusttale mod FNF is just remastered to completeness. It’s a mod that has everything that an FNF player anticipates. It got a great user interface that’s easy to navigate, brand new characters, and animations that will give you a great kick.

Not having any bugs that displease your gameplay experience is also a great thing to have. Considering that a large number of Friday Night Funkin mods that have come out in the last couple of weeks contain lots of bugs that are almost game-breaking, it’s something to appreciate.

Dusttale mod FNF – Online Play

It’s possible to play Dusttale mod FNF like the rest of the major mods. Although the Dusttale can be considered a quite new mod since it hasn’t gained much traction after the first version came out, with its brand new remastered version, it’s extremely fun to play, even on the browser. 

Take note that to get higher FPS, make sure the game is the only thing that’s running on your browser. Otherwise, it might make things a bit hard on your computer and you might experience FPS drops here and there, especially the arrows are coming at you left and right. 

Overall, Dusttale mod FNF is a great more that’s remastered with new characters, animations, and a brand new user interface that you’re almost going to feel like entering a scary movie cutscene. It has no bugs that will scratch your head saying am I doing something wrong or the game is broken and keep having smooth gameplay. It’s highly recommended on our part where you can spend at least an hour before beating it.

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