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vs Accelarant Hank

Accelerant Hank is a dangerous character in the Friday Night Funkin universe that made his debut in an impactful way. Whether a knife or a semi-automatic machine gun in his hands, he’s a character that could definitely outplay the Boyfriend. The tables are turned in the Friday Night Funkin though, as your only weapon is a microphone to outrap/outsing your opponent. 

You can also play against Accelerant Hank in multiplayer, playing as either the Boyfriend or the Accelerant Hank. When you’re playing the Accelerator mod FNF online, you might experience some delays, and these are mostly due to the distance between you and the opponent. If you’re based in North America, there will be a sizeable delay between you and the player you’re facing. Expect at least 200 m/s of delay in these matchups. 

vs. Accelerator Hank mod FNF online play

Online play isn’t a problem for the majority of the Friday Night Funkin mods since they are mostly light and don’t take much space or time to load. The Accelerator Hank’s mod is not an exception to this, as you’re able to play the mod online through your browser flawlessly. Start playing vs. Accelerator Hank mod online without the need for downloading the mod files. 

Just as you can play the Accelerator Hank mod online from your browser, you also have the option to play it offline by downloading the game files. By playing the mod this way, it will help you achieve better ranks and everything will be much smoother. After all, it’s a much different experience when you’re playing a game locally compared to playing the same game online through your browser. It’s highly recommended that you play the game this way if you’re going to play online against other FNF players. 

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