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For some, what you play doesn’t matter as much as where you play. There are so many places that block platforms and websites that house videogames. Friday Night Funkin and the games alike weren’t a big target but after gaining a huge following, the massively popular DDR game became something to eye out for. For that reason, offices and schools decided to block the game. While it’s unlikely that you won’t find a place to play not only Friday Night Funkin but other games, there is always a solution for internet-related things. 

How to play FNF on a blocked computer?

First and foremost, there is no way to block a game entirely on the internet. As long as it’s a single-player game and there are multiple ways to get the games, you can play them. This doesn’t speak for the mods with the multiplayer function but it still does the job until you get home. You can play blocked FNF including the original game and the mods with different takes by downloading the game files and play them locally.

While it’s most likely that the mod or the original FNF you’re trying to play online will be blocked, you can still download the game files and install them on the computer you’re working with. It’s the most convenient and perhaps the only way to play FNF on a blocked device for most people.

Check out our homepage to see how you can play Friday Night Funkin mods along with the original game unblocked. However, take note that the online playability options are very limited for both the mods and the original FNF as there aren’t many platforms that allow running the games online. Besides, some mods are too large to play online through a browser anyways. 

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