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Trollface Mod

Do you like memes and Friday Night Funkin at the same time? Trollface mod FNF is the one you’re looking for all along. The mod features a lot of great animations and you’re rap battling the most notorious meme of all times, Trollface.

The story of the mod is also pretty good and entertaining. The Boyfriend beats Daddy Dearest but he still doesn’t think that the Boyfriend is worth enough to date his daughter. In a last attempt to prevent the Boyfriend from dating his daughter, Daddy Dearest sends the Boyfriend to another dimension where everything is ruled by memes. 

What you need to do as the Boyfriend is as usual. You gotta beat Trollface to escape this memeful dimension and get to your girl. Or, you’ll get stuck, spending the rest of your days looking at nothing but memes that can get boring over time.

How to test Trollface Mod FNF

We provide our users with the best service we can. Below, you can test the Trollface mod and see if you like it or not. Since playing FNF mods is much more enjoyable when you download the game – and the majority of this is due to playing the game on fullscreen which you can below – you won’t experience minor delays that can ruin your gameplay experience. So here is the test for Trollface mod FNF which you can try to see if you like it or not. 

Download Trollface mod FNF

Like the Trollface mod FNF? Get the game to your device and start playing with no delays whatsoever. We highly recommend playing at this route as it will put less strain on your computer. This is a better option for those that are playing with a device that has low specs as you won’t open your browser which pushes your RAM and stresses your computer. 

Download Trollface mod FNF

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