Familiar Faces

vs Shaggy Mod

Shaggy mod FNF is one of the most prevalent mods out there with a massive following. If you’re looking to test the VS Shaggy mod FNF, you came to the right place as we provide you with the fastest FNF mods, so you can test them out before downloading the game files. If you’re unsure about a mod, use our search button on the top right corner to look for a mod you’re interested in.

Shaggy mod brings a familiar face to the Friday Night Funkin universe. There is not a person that doesn’t know who Shaggy is – and in the FNF universe, we see him as the strongest being yet. When he rap battles you, Shaggy only uses 0.001 percent of his strength, but because he is so humble, he lets you win. That’s of course assuming you have what it takes to beat him. Shaggy mod FNF not only requires speed but extreme stamina as well, as the mod goes on for a good while. 

Test Play VS Shaggy Mod FNF

You can play the Shaggy mod FNF above, without download. If you enjoy playing the game, you can download the mod easily without restrictions. The best part about playing Shaggy mod FNF online on our website is that it’s unblocked. So, you can play and enjoy the mod on your office or school computer. It doesn’t require a computer with high specs as well. Even the most moderate computer is able to run – even if it’s outdated to run current games like Fortnite. 

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