X Event Test

X-Event mod FNF is a considerably small mod that doesn’t feature much. It currently has only three songs but it’s expected to grow as the developers behind the mod, KadeDev, NyxTheShield, and Jael Penaloza are working on bringing more features to the mod. It’s overall a fun mod that doesn’t take much to finish but has pretty amazing animations and songs. 

Although a small mod that doesn’t take much time, it’s extremely fun to play. You can complete the mod within 30 minutes after you start playing. We highly recommend this mod to anyone that’s looking for a quick way to let off some steam.

Test out X Event Mod FNF

As with any other Friday Night Funkin mod, you should test the X event mod and see if it deserves a place in your FNF mods collection. Not every mod is for everyone and this applies to X Event mod. You might not like it after downloading a 100 MB mod and it taking up over 150 MB in your computer. This is why we love testing FNF mods before downloading them. It also gives you a good glimpse into the mod to see if you like it or not. 

Below, you can start playing X Event mod FNF and test out its graphics and animations.

Download X Event Mod FNF

Get X Event mod FNF after testing.

You can download X Event mod after testing it. If you like it, get it as we recommend the mod. If you don’t like the mod, skip the beat it offers and look for other mods. For a community as involved as Friday Night Funkin, it’s uneasy to think that there are going to be mods you’ll enjoy a lot more.

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