Hypno Mod

Hypno mod FNF has plenty of names. Whether you call the mod as stated here or the Lullaby mod or Hypnos Lullaby mod, it’s the same mod with the same animations, graphics, and dialogue. 

The story of Hypno mod FNF starts off with the Girlfriend wandering around, trying to find the Boyfriend after he’s missing late at night. As she’s trying to find the Boyfriend, a rather strange person appears out of nowhere, and everything is history.

What you’ll find in Hypno mod that’s different is, you guessed it right, you won’t play as the Boyfriend. Since you’re watching the Girlfriend trying to find the Boyfriend, you will play as the Girlfriend. 

Play Lullaby mod online FNF

You can play Lullaby mod FNF online without downloading the actual game files to your computer. Playing Lullaby mod locally is also possible but not as preferred as online play as playing it this way is easier. 

Note: Lullaby mod FNF has no shortage of flashing images, bright colors, and screen shakes. As these can be quite intriguing for some people, especially those that have epilepsy, keep these in mind.

Download Lullaby mod FNF

Get Lullaby mod FNF to play it on your computer. By playing it locally, you’ll reach frame rates of up to 60. Getting such high FPS isn’t possible through online play. If that’s your cup of tea – playing videogames at high FPS – that’s the better option.

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