Ex Boyfriend Mod FNF

Friday Night Funkin’s number of mods that are available for everyone is increasingly going up. One of the most beloved mods out there right now is the ex-boyfriend mod. The story of the mod is simple, the ex boyfriend of the Girlfriend challenges you to a rap battle and you oblige him. Will you be the one to show Tabi, the ex boyfriend that you’re the love of the Girlfriend, or let him take your girl away? 

Online play Tabi mod FNF (Ex Boyfriend)

How to play ex boyfriend mod FNF?

Play ex-boyfriend mod FNF like any other mod out there. You can play FNF mod online without downloading it on your computer. Although it might take a bit of time depending on your internet speed as the mod is quite large, it’s one of the best played mods online thanks to its compatibility. 

If you’re looking for a way to play ex boyfriend online no download, you can start right away below. We highly suggest that you download the game though as it will provide you with a better experience. 

Download ex boyfriend mod 

Also known as the Tabi mod as it’s the name of the Boyfriend, you can download the mod below.

Get Tabi mod FNF

Tabi is a quite good looking gentlemen that has horn-like head that’s looking to snatch your girl away from you. Will you be the one to show him his spot or let the love of your dreams vanish from you? 

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