Pico Mod

Seen as a continuation of the original story, Pico mod is where you’ll try to win the heart of the Girlfriend once more. You beat the original game, but new challenges are awaiting you in Pico mod Friday Night Funkin. 

Though an easy mod at first, don’t be surprised if you fail multiple times throughout the gameplay of Pico mod Friday Night Funkin. One of the best parts about the Pico mod is that there aren’t any bugs or need for improvement updates. The mod works flawlessly even if you play it online from your browser rather than downloading it. 

When you get into the Pico mod, you’ll realize that it’s similar to Jojo’s Pack mod, but the gameplay is entirely different, and so is the storyline. You won’t have any problems with the mod and get to the gameplay with an easy start. 

Online play Pico mod FNF

Start playing Pico mod FNF right now by online play. 

Since Pico mod FNF is extremely light, even computers with low specs can run it without experiencing any issues. The only drawback to the Pico mod when playing on a computer with specs that are not as up to the bar as you would want is the arrows coming in at a slower pace than should. Although this can be seen as an advantage as you’re able to hit the right arrows easily, it kills off the spirit of Friday Night Funkin for being a very fast-paced game.

All and all, you can also play Pico mod FNF locally for a better gameplay experience. You’ll see higher frame rates when playing online, and it’ll be a lot easier to come through. You can download Pico mod FNF to play locally on your computer. 

Note that Pico mod FNF – along with the majority of the other mods – only work on Microsoft Windows. 

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