Indie Cross Mod

Claimed to be one of the best Friday Night Funkin mods out there, the Indie cross mod has gained huge popularity among not only indie lovers but big-name YouTubers like 8-BitRyan. 

Let alone our testing on the mod the Indie cross mod FNF has been glorified and also trashed at the same time by plenty of players. It seems as if the Friday Night Funkin community is completely divided at the moment and can’t seem to decide whether it’s a good mod or not. 

Contrary to what others might say, Indie Cross is one of the few Friday Night Funkin mods that offer a huge versatility in terms of the characters you’re playing against. As the name might ring a bell in your head, the mod features many different characters from various indie games like Cuphead, Inky Bendy, and more. Not to forget the other popular Friday Night Funkin mod characters that are already existing in the mod.

Get to the gameplay right away while you’re on your browser and try out the indie cross mod FNF yourself.

Take note that the mod gets extremely challenging in later stages where it’s hard not to ragequit. If you’re able to handle these kinds of intense situations with ease, there shouldn’t be any problems. If not, however, you might end up ruining all the fun you can have. Take a break and try beating your favorite indie game characters while the popular FNF mod characters keep an eye on you.

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