Updike Mod

Updike is all about the greater good where you don’t have much option but to get caught up in what he has to say. Although Updike doesn’t have a mod of its own entirely, it’s one of the few characters on Friday Night Funkin mods that managed to get to everyone’s hearts.

Updike is a secret character found in Whitty mod. Without a doubt, lots of people know about Whitty mod, but very few know about Updike. You can only get to Updike’s stage by entering the secret code, which we will share, and the details of how to enter it. 

How to play against Updike?

While playing Whitty mod, get to Remorse song and enter the secret code, which is the same as the title of the stage – how convenient is that. It was first figured out by a speedrunner and shared with the rest of the Friday Night Funkin community. 

You can enter the code while you play. Friday Night Funkin also has a secret level where you’re playing against an unexpected opponent. Learn more about how to play FNF secret stage.

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