Selever Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Selever is out! Selever isn’t strange to the Boyfriend as he appeared in the mid-fight masses. Battle him one last time and see if you can outsing him this time. Dive into the gameplay and beat Selever before he does.

If you’re familiar with the mid-fight masses, know that Selever is the son of Sarvente, a nun that you’ve already beaten. Selever mod FNF has multiple stages where the appearance of Selever changes and so does the overall difficulty. After the third stage, Large Page, things get a bit funky and the game gets very hard. You’ll need to pay attention to every arrow key you press as failed attempts narrow the bar significantly.

Selever mod online play

Play Selever mod FNF, no download required. You can also play the mod at 60 FPS. The players on lower specs devices don’t need to worry at all as the FPS is adjusted according to your specs. If it gets laggy, give the page a refresh whilst closing down other tabs that are open.

Most Friday Night Funkin players are reporting a slowing down when a bunch of tabs is open. Since your RAM gets under a lot of stress when playing games on a browser, make sure to shut them down, especially heavy apps like YouTube and Facebook.

Note that Selever mod is very competitive after the third stage where you are likely to have multiple failed attempts into securing the stages. It’s suggested that you play it on full screen to get a better catch on what’s coming.

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