How to make an FNF mod?

Friday Night Funkin has become one of the most popular DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) games over the months. Although the game has only been released in early 2020, it reached a massive following thanks to the countless mods available to play. 

Because Friday Night Funkin is an open-source game that doesn’t have a company that owns it, technically, you can twist the game files to come up with your own mod. While this sounds good and all, there are some things behind this that can make it challenging for you. 

Making an FNF mod could be harder or easier than you think. There isn’t much need for knowing how to code and anything advanced like that but you’ll need to have some familiarity. You’ll need some coding knowledge but not much as you’ll only use it for selecting when the arrows appear and the direction of them.

Mastering animations and sounds

To make your own Friday Night Funkin mod, you first need to master animations and sounds. It doesn’t take much to complete the idea in your head, as all you need to do is making the movements of your character. In Friday Night Funkin, pretty much the only animation you will see is the characters moving up, down, left, and right. Once you master these in your character, you won’t need to do much.

Another important thing is music. Because it’s a big part of Friday Night Funkin and the players that test your mod, you will need something good that the players can vibe to. If you must miss out on these, there won’t be much fun, thus, your mod won’t get played much.

What can I do after making the mod?

So you made your FNF mod and want to know what’s next. One of the first things you can do is marketing your mod. Although this might sound a bit off as you won’t gain anything from the mod like earning money, you can share your mod with other community members. After other people try your mod, you will get feedback and this will help you master your craft of making not only FNF mods, but other mods as well. 

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