Cory x Kenshin Mod Online

Friday Night Funkin’s latest remastered mod Cory x Kenshin is now better than ever with new weeks bringing in new songs. As soon as you get to play the mod, you will notice how much better everything got with new menu backgrounds, UI, and dialogue to give you a sense of the story. 

The fully customized characters make everything even more interesting as you’re able to play any of them that you like. The mod also comes with remixed songs beyond the third week. It’s always good to note that this is one of those mods that take a bit of time to complete, and the difficulty of the mod keeps increasing as you play. It gets significantly harder after the Week 2, and you should only play it at hard difficulty only if you’re an experienced player. 

Play coryxkenshin mod FNF online

The coryxkenshin mod FNF is playable online but you won’t get the full game experience the mod has to offer. It’s amazing for one of those instances where you want to play the mod but not sure whether it’s worth your time. Simply, play Cory x Kenshin mod FNF on your browser and see it for yourself. It’s almost like test driving but rather than a car, you’re testing out a Friday Night Funkin mod that’s named coryxkenshin. 

Playing coryxkenshin mod locally

It’s also possible to play coryxkenshin mod FNF locally on your computer. By playing the mod this way, you’ll have everything the mod has including the remixed songs, refurbished wallpapers, and more. Not only playing the coryxkenshin mod but any other FNF mod this way will give you the best gameplay experience.

Make sure to test the Cory x Kenshin mod at easier difficulties at first, then move to harder modes, as it gets progressively harder to play. 

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