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Impostor mod FNF is the mod that’s inspired by another videogame, Among Us. If you’ve ever been around the internet, you’re already familiar with the impostor memes, but when that comes to the Friday Night Funkin universe, what’s your reaction? 

The Impostor mod FNF is one of the most played game mods that has racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads. Across the community, a lot of members have tried the Impostor mod and the reviews have been mostly positive. After the makers of the mod gave it a boost by updating it and fixing the bugs that existed throughout the story mod, Impostor mod FNF became a lot more better. It’s a highly recommended mod on our part that you’ll spend hundreds of minutes playing over and over again.

Test Impostor Mod Online

Play and test out the Impostor mod online. It doesn’t take much to play the mods online as they are considerably lighter and won’t take up any space on your computer. One downside to playing mods online is that you will have to wait every time you’re playing them. If your internet speed is quite high, though, you won’t even notice it. It all comes down to what you have.

If you then like the Impostor mod FNF, you can download the mod files and play it on your computer without requiring an internet connection. 

Download Impostor Mod FNF

One of the tricks about downloading FNF game mods is that the source. Do not download Impostor mod FNF or any other mod from an unreputable source, as the files are highly likely to be corrupt and probably won’t feature the recent updates the mod has gone through. The best is to rely on legitimate sources that are there to provide you with the best experience. 

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