vs. Impostor

Love Among Us? It’s now your chance to collide the Friday Night Funkin universe with different Impostors! You get to play against Red and Green where they’re holding more than just a mic, ready to destroy you in the rap battlefield. A fun mod that you need to be quick and agile with your fingers to get all of the arrow keys. It gets especially hard in the later stages.

  • Impostor v4 Mod

    Impostor v4 Mod

    The Impostor is back at it again in the Friday Night Funkin universe! There is no shortage of updates coming…

  • Impostor v3

    Impostor v3

    The FNF Impostor v3 is an updated version of the Impostor series. The first Impostor mod that came out a…

  • Impostor


    Impostor mod FNF is the mod that’s inspired by another videogame, Among Us. If you’ve ever been around the internet,…

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