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Retrospecter mod FNF is a brand new mod that came out only days ago. It’s a mod that has plenty of content and is definitely on the larger end as far as disk space is concerned. 

The mod features different modes within and different difficulties. One of the few things that make the Retrospecter mod separate from other mods is its features. While many mods have a single character in a story mode with free play, Retrospecter mod FNF’s content shines like a star.

Retrospecter mod Friday Night Funkin has three different modes. These are as follows.

Random mode

In the random mode, Retrospecter mod FNF is played with randomized arrows without any rhythm to it. It’s very tricky with no context and a great way to practice.

Freestyle mode

In the Freestyle mode, every arrow counts as a hit when they’re on the beat. It’s a way to get out of the rules and break free.

No-Fail mode

No-Fail mode is a great way to practice and up your Friday Night Funkin skills. You can miss all you want, but you won’t die and get to the end of the mod.

Test Retrospecter mod FNF online

Playing a mod that’s as heavy as the Retrospecter mod isn’t something that comes to mind at first, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Due to the size of the mod, you can’t play it online since it’s very intensive on even mid-specs devices.

Download Retrospecter mod FNF

Since you can’t play it online with no download, the only way to play Retrospecter mod FNF is by downloading the game. You can get the mod from here. With a size of 351 MB, Retrospecter mod FNF is larger than most other mods, but it’s definitely worth playing as it offers different game modes with different difficulties, heaven and hell.

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