Ankha Mod

Like Ancient Egypt and the history, it brings to our world today? You’re going to enjoy the Ankha mod FNF to the fullest. It’s a mod that brings in a girl from the Ancient Egypt where you’ll not discuss whether or not the history we’re being told is true. All you’re going to do is sing and find out who’s better at it. 

Ankha mod is a light yet contentful mod featuring many of the core elements you would look for in a Friday Night Funkin. It has original songs, enough dialogue to keep you busy with the storyline, and great beats to punch in your fingers along. It’s a mod with a great following and it has managed to rake up thousands of followers on social media platforms. Considering that even the original FNF is still in the thousands in terms of the number of people following, it’s a big success for a mod this size.

No download play Ankha mod FNF

You can play Ankha mod FNF without downloading the game files to your computer. It’s a convenient way to play Friday Night Funkin mods as they’re not going to take any space on your computer and you’ll be able to just shut down the tab the mod is running and be gone with it completely. 

Playing Ankha mod FNF has its downsides as well as it does have its conveniences. First and foremost, you won’t be able to save your progress, therefore, whenever you launch the mod from scratch, you will start everything from the beginning. Decide for yourself if you want to play the mod with no download. Usually, what we recommend is that you try out the mod online first, and download it afterward if you like it. Sometimes, it’s not worth waiting for a mod to download as they can be buggy or not deliver up to the expectations or contain what they said to have. 

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