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Friday Night Funkin’s mobile version is feasible and fun, but what about playing mods? Ever since it first came out, Friday Night Funkin has become a popular videogame amongst indie and DDR game lovers. 

Thanks to the community’s involvement, the game has carried itself to mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Whether your smartphone is a little bit old or brand new, you can run FNF on your mobile and in your pocket on the go. 

Can I play FNF mods on mobile?

Yes and no at the same time. Whether you can play FNF on your phone or not depends on what kind of operating system your phone is running on. If you have an iPhone (iOS), you won’t be able to run the FNF mods on your mobile device. This is due to how iOS and Android function. As you won’t be able to play around with the original game files on iOS, you have no option but to play the games solely downloaded from the App Store. 

If you’re on Android though, things change a bit. You get to play FNF mods mobile by adding the mod files to the data files. Although this seems a lot more convenient than iOS devices as you get to do these kinds of functions, you might risk your personal information. Because these mod files can include malware that could potentially steal your identity and other sensitive data, we highly suggest sticking to the original version of FNF on mobile. 

You can also utilize antivirus software made for Android devices if you’re persistent to play Friday Night Funkin mods on mobile. As soon as there are developments on FNF mods for mobile devices, we’ll keep you updated. 

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